What do you do when you fall down?

I think it is fair to say that on this journey of life we all get knocked down from time to time.  The question is, what do you do when you get knocked down?\r\n\r\nDo you choose to stay down? Complain and moan about the situation? Or do you get right back up again and keep on moving?\r\n\r\nCheck out this video showing Nicholi Rogatkin when he falls off his bike and down a 30 foot cliff. It’s impressive!

Sahara Retreat

Saturday 4th - Wednesday 8th March 2017

Meditation Retreat\r\n\r\nThis is going to be the adventure of a lifetime. This is YOUR chance to switch off, unwind, relax and recharge! And all that you need to do is say “YES” and book your place.\r\n\r\nJoin us for 5 days in a secure and private camp in the Sahara Desert.  That’s 4 nights gazing up at the stars after the most beautiful sunsets.  That’s 4 mornings where you can watch in awe as the sun rises over the desert. If you are an early bird you will also be able to check the dunes for trails of the night’s activities.  And there’s more…

Art and Science of Happiness\r\n

Why should I attend The Art and Science of Happiness?

\r\nYou’ll learn lots of useful and practical tips on how to lead a Happier life and we feel that the world needs more of that! You’ll also learn about some of the fascinating scientific evidence of what makes us Happier. You’ll meet new people, have some fun and come away feeling empowered to create a Happier life for yourself and others.\r\n

Tell me more …..

\r\nFour years ago, the General Assembly of the United Nations proclaimed March 20 to be the International Day of Happiness. It’s easy to understand why Happiness should have its own holiday! After all, it’s certainly something to celebrate. Research shows that Happy people are healthier both in body and mind, they get sick less often and live longer. Happy people are more likely to have fulfilling relationships with romantic partners, family and friends. They are more productive at work and have a positive influence on the work environment. Based on decades of research, it has become clear that happiness is not just a personal issue; it’s a matter of public health, global economics, and national well-being.\r\n\r\nBut being Happy doesn’t always come easy, as I’m sure you will agree. Constant pressure, either from others or ourselves to achieve and do more, endless “to-do” lists and more and more demands on our time and attention don’t necessarily make for a Happy life. In todays society, being “busy” has almost become a badge of honour while the comparison trap often leaves us feeling frustrated and disillusioned with our own lives. And even when we do make inroads with our goals and achievements, the pleasure this brings is often short-lived as we simply raise the bar higher and struggle on.\r\n\r\nFortunately, research suggests that happiness is something that anyone can cultivate with practice.\r\n\r\nOn this programme we’ll review and consider some of this research and we’ll share with you the behaviours and activities that have been proven to cultivate Happiness, leaving you to decide which ones might work best for you and fit most easily into your lifestyle.\r\n\r\nYvonne Smyth and Stephen Brown are the facilitators of this highly interactive programme which will combine research, videos, reflection and discussions.\r\n

Where & When does it take place?

\r\nIt’s a four week programme held on Thursday evenings and the venue is upstairs in the Synge & Byrne Café which itself is upstairs in the Harvey Norman store on Boucher Road (free parking available). Registration is at 6.00pm and feel free to grab a drink and snack from the Synge & Byrne Café on your way upstairs to where we will be working. We’ll conclude around 8.00pm each night.\r\n\r\nThursday 19th May 2016 – Thursday 9th June 2016\r\n

Tell me more about your programmes.

\r\nOur programmes are focused on providing you with tools and insights that will enhance your life. We will challenge you to think differently and provide a safe space to share your ideas, thoughts and experiences with other curious individuals.\r\nWe will also provide you with optional homework which you can use to carrying on your learning at home.\r\n

How much does The Art and Science of Happiness cost?

\r\nThe full price for the programme is £150 per person and as this is the first time we have made this course available in Belfast we are offering an introductory price of £100 with an early bird rate of £85! That’s all 4 nights for £85 if you confirm your place before Thursday 5th May 2016.\r\n

I have another question…

\r\nThat’s grand, email Yvonne at yvonne@yvonnesmyth.com or Stephen at yes@yessyesstephen.com\r\n

Great, I’m all set, how do I book?

\r\nFollow one of the links below or click here

Date: 19th May 2016—9th June 2016
Time: 18:00-20:00
Event: The Art and Science of Happiness
Topic: The Art and Science of Happiness
Venue: Synge & Byrne Cafe
Location: Boucher Road
Public: Public
Registration: Click here to register.
More Info: Click here for more information.

Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself


A one-day workshop designed to show you how to transform feelings of anxiety, hesitation and fear into self-confidence, excitement, fun and purposeful action

\r\nUsing a range of tools and techniques, as well as some challenges, you will get the opportunity to shift some personal, and perhaps long held limitations, in your personal or professional life. Maybe both!\r\n\r\nThrough practical experiences, group discussions and personal reflection, you will explore the inner workings of the human mind: how we think, how we develop our desires, goals and fears and how we motivate ourselves, make connections, and give meaning to our experiences. We will look and use a range of tools and techniques for quickly changing how we think, feel and act.\r\n\r\nIreland Retreat\r\n\r\nAgenda\r\n\r\nHow are you as we begin?\r\n\r\nWe meet in a training room on the edge of the Mourne Mountains with captivating views over the Irish Sea. Here we briefly map the structure of how you are thinking and feeling before heading out for the first challenge.\r\n\r\nThe first challenge\r\n\r\nWe like to keep this as a surprise\r\n\r\nHow are you now?\r\n\r\nOnce back in the training room we share the excitement and fun. We also map the structure of how you are thinking and feeling at this stage. We then teach you some techniques which will help you lock in all the important parts of your experience\r\n\r\nTransforming hesitation, anxiety and fear\r\n\r\nAfter lunch we will explore the inner landscapes of our internal experience. We show you how fear, anxiety and hesitation work. This alone gives you more control. We go further – we then teach you two techniques for changing such thoughts and feelings.\r\n\r\nA bigger challenge\r\n\r\nAgain, this is a surprise but the ante will be raised! We believe, that you will be much more in control of your internal processes and that you’ll have a completely different experience.\r\n\r\nHow are you now?\r\n\r\nWe once again share the excitement and fun. We also lock in all the important parts of this day’s special challenges.\r\n\r\nExperiences Transferred\r\n\r\nThis is where we feel that our event scores over others. We test that techniques which we have taught and that the changes you have made are still secure. We then show you how to transfer your new found skills and your significant coasteering triumphs.\r\n\r\nSpecifically, we show you how to generalise these to those other parts of your life where you experience anxiety, hesitation and fear. And in our very last piece of work we show you how to have all your newfound resources available to you in the future.\r\n\r\nSummary\r\n\r\nThis is a packed course. There is plenty going on – both at the physical and the mental levels. You will have had enormous fun. You will have met and enjoyed being with others. You will have celebrated success together. You will have learned some powerful techniques for managing thoughts and feelings. You will have pushed yourself outside your comfort zones. You’ll have learned really important lessons about yourself.\r\n\r\nMost of all however, we believe that you will have changed. And that means you will then be able to do those other things that you’ve been putting off.\r\n\r\nAnd that, we believe, will be the biggest benefit of all. Because that means that you will be able to have more success in those areas of your life where you most want it.\r\n\r\nEvent details\r\n\r\nEarly Bird Tickets available until 22nd April 2016\r\nCatering: Breakfast and lunch included\r\n\r\nFull joining instructions will be forwarded when you complete your booking including directions and what to bring.\r\nStandard Ticket\r\n\r\n

Date: 10th June 2016
Time: 08:00-18:00
Event: Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself
Venue: Greenhill YMCA
Public: Public
Registration: Click here to register.
More Info: Click here for more information.

Dealing With Reality – Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee and I were having dim sum, a traditional Chinese breakfast of meat-filled pastries, in a downtown Los Angeles restaurant after a lesson.  I seized on this opportunity to tell him that I was discouraged.  At forty-five, I felt I was too old and my body too stiff to achieve any real ability in Jeet Kune Do.\r\n\r\nBruce Lee\r\n“You will never learn anything new unless you are ready to accept yourself with your limitations,” Bruce answered.  “You must accept the fact that you are capable in some directions and limited in others, and you must develop your capabilities.”\r\n\r\n“But ten years ago I could easily kick over my head,” I said.  “Now I need an hour to limber up before I can do it.”\r\n\r\n

When the turbulence of distracting thoughts subsides and our mind becomes still, a deep happiness and contentment naturally arises from within. This feeling of contentment and well-being helps us to cope with the busyness and difficulties of daily life.

\r\nGeshe Kelsang Gyatso\r\n\r\n 

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
The New Meditation Handbook

This short film was commissioned by Community Chest, Singapore.  Simply called “Gift”, it tells the story of a boy growing up and becoming a man.  He is disappointed with his Dad, who is always “poor”.  As the story unfolds, the young man realises that his Dad was richer than he could ever imagine.\r\n

“Being rich is not about how much we have, but how much we give.”

\r\nI like this film a lot and love how it challenges your belief about success.  Is success working in a job that gives you lots of money for flash cars, suits, fine dining and other extravagances?  Or, is success, using what you have for a greater good and finding your happiness there?\r\n\r\n

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The Fine Art of Not Being Offended

\r\n\r\nThere is an ancient and well-kept secret to happiness which the Great Ones have known for centuries. They rarely talk about it, but they use it all the time, and it is fundamental to good mental health.\r\n\r\nOffend\r\n\r\nThe secret is called The Fine Art of Not Being Offended.\r\n\r\nIn order to truly be a master of this art, one must be able to see that every statement, action and reaction of another human being is the sum result of their total life experience to date. In other words, the majority of people in our world say and do what they do from their own set of fears, conclusions, defences and attempts to survive. Most of it, even when aimed directly at us, has nothing to do with us. Usually, it has more to do with all the other times, and in particular the first few times, that this person experienced a similar situation, usually when they were young.\r\n\r\n